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The Nova SetIP tool is a Windows-only tool that allows you to connect to a Nova MCTRL510 LED Processor over RS232 and configure the network address of the processor and up to 7 other chained processors.

The Nova SetIP tool is provided as part of the Waltz Companions application set, which can be found on the Waltz Downloads page.

Using the Utility

Before beginning, ensure that there are currently no instances of the MarsServiceProvider running on your computer. The version provided in the Waltz Companions is specifically built for this process, and other versions often do not work.

Run the MarsServerProvider.exe in the provided folder of software. The software will launch into the Windows system tray, and may be hidden behind the caret menu in your taskbar. It may take a moment for this software to fully start and appear in the taskbar.

Left click on the system tray icon for the MarsServerProvider, and you will see a list of available COM ports on your machine (Often the only COM port will be your serial connection to the processor on modern machines).

Click on reconnect next to the appropriate COM port for your processor. The Count column should indicate the number of processors chained on the COM port. You should no longer see a yellow warning sign next to the COM entry.

Run MarsIPConfig.exe as an administrator, and click on the Initialize button in the Control System Equipment section of the window. When the system is initialized, a dialog indicating this will appear.

Now that the system is initialized, select the correct serial port from the drop down in the MarsControlSystem Test section, and click Initialize in that same section. When this is successful, you should get a message informing you about the connected Send Card Count.

Click on the Get button to read information from the processor. This will populate the IP, Subnet, and Gateway fields with their current values. You can now change these values and save it to the processor with the Set button.

Take note of the Display index field, which lets you change which processor in a chain you are controlling. Up to 8 processors can be chained, and the first processor to which you are directly connected is always processor 1.