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This node has been marked as deprecated, and as such is no longer supported in the latest version of Waltz. You can still create this node by enabling deprecated nodes in the Waltz Preferences window.

The Console Output Node allows you to log information to the Console in Waltz. A message will be logged every time the current frame number modulo logEveryXFrames equals 0, and will be logged at the LogLevel defined by logLevel.


Expected Type Details Default
logLevel LogLevel Note: This value is not represented by an Expression. The type of log messages that will be created. Info
logEveryXFrames Number A number indicting how many frames until the next frame for which logging will occur. A value of 1 will log a message every frame, 2 every other frame, and so on. 30
message String The message that will be logged. Global.currentFrame


There are no outputs exposed by this node.


Argument(s) Type Returns Details
log(message) String Void Calling this function will log the provided message parameter to the console using the logLevel set on this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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