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Note that this node has slightly different behavior across different platforms due to fundamental differences in how *nix and Windows-based systems handle receiving broadcast messages. See Platform Dependent Networking Quirks for more information.

The ArtNet input node allows you to bring in DmxUniverses of DMX data from the network as a DmxMultiverse for use in Waltz. Universes can be selectively filtered by defining the first universe in which you are interested as well as the number of universes in which you are interested, and can then be mapped a a range of universes in the resulting DmxMultiverse output of this node.


Expected Type Details Default
localInterface LocalInterface The local network adapter that will be used to receive ArtNet messages. LocalInterface("")
remoteAddress RemoteAddress/IP The address of the remote device broadcasting ArtNet. Use the /24 broadcast address to receive ArtNet from any address on the network. IP("")
remoteStartUniverse Number The first sequential universe of DMX on the network to which this node will listen. 1
universeCount Number The number of sequential universes on the network to which this node will listen. 1
localStartUniverse Number The first sequential universe locally to which the remote universes should be mapped. 1


Type Details
dmxMultiverse DmxMultiverse Note: The parameter is read-only. The DmxMultiverse representing the specified input universes, and then mapped to the specified local universes.


There are no functions exposed by this node.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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