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The Filter node lets you provide a list of any type to be filtered by a user-defined piece of script. This is useful for filtering out data that is outside a certain range or touches that are older than some amount of time.


Expected Type Details Default
input Any or List<Any> The value, or list of values, that will be filtered.
filterFunction Boolean A script that is passed a single argument, value. value will be a single item from the input list. Perform any necessary calculations to determine if the value should remain in the output, and return true if it should. You may perform any amount of processing in this script, but the script must return either true or false. If the script does not return, it is assumed that the given value should not be included in the output. return value < 0.5


Type Details
output List<Any> Note: The parameter is read-only. The filtered list of values from the input after using the filterFunction.


Arguments Returns Details
filter(object) Any object - The object to check. Boolean Uses the filterFunction to return either true or false based on the provided object.

Example Usage

No examples provided.

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